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study of color

Sunday, 21 October, 2012 - 10:00 to 17:30

How to make? Recognize:
the primary, complementary and the use of black and white.
shadow, light, values

The "great masters" of the painting (of
all time, from all periods) are true teachers, and their range for each is a
source of instruction and a guide.
 Their reality to yours ... an exciting way.
Each study will be punctuated by a personal
achievement to be immersed and almost individually in his palette.
 And be
able to recognize and discover "his" colors.

"After seeing the great masters, we must
hasten to get out and invigorate itself in contact with nature, instincts,
sensations of Art who reside in us and we belong ...."P.


- workshop 80 euro.

- inscription 20 euro (*).

- materials included.

- lunch and drinks included.

Monique François en Catherine Doré

workshop in english dutch, french, german .


IBAN BE74 9793 8715 6307
o.v.v. naam/datum

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